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Dell and YottaStor

Cloud Solutions for Today’s Quickly Changing Business Needs

Why Wait – Go Cloud Now

Dell Cloud ServiceTM and YottaCloudTM are delivering ”purpose-built” cloud solutions for leading edge enterprises exploiting the rapidly changing dynamics of mobile and cloud business models.  Effectively engaging with customers through any type of technology requires a robust and proven platform that can optimize for your specific requirements.

  • Avoid precious time and money developing your own cloud solutions - our proven enterprise-ready solutions are available to bring your mobile world online now
  • Some of our solutions are available within 24 hours
  • Most require less than 60 days to implement – this allows you to focus on differentiating your offerings and delivering unique, compelling capabilities
  • Customers demand high availability, resiliency and unmatched performance - we understand global enterprise requirements – our cloud services provide these features, and we strive to exceed your expectations
  • We deliver capability at price points unmatched by commercial cloud competitors - our solutions meet your requirements – we are not a one-size-fits-all solution
  • We understand the need for flexibility -  every customer has unique requirements that can’t be compromised by the rigid commercial cloud model
  • Dell’s award winning cloud infrastructure, YottaStor’s unique patented YottaDrive technology and innovative world-class technology partnerships, provide cloud services at extremely competitive price points
  • All solutions are backed by Dell’s world-class global capability delivering the support, security and availability required to support our customers’ mission-critical business requirements

With one monthly subscription fee, you get a full cloud service which includes:

Massive Storage for Customer and Internal Use ranging from a few terabytes to many petabytes of data for less than 10 cents per gigabyte per month.

Comprehensive Security Model that meets the strictest government test and customers’ expectations.

State-of-the-Art Network Solution accessible over open internet and private networks.

High Performance Analytic Platforms supporting your analytics to extract critical business insights.

Enterprise Proven Active-Active Redundancy ensuring your data is always available.

Multi-Region Redundancy at Geographically Dispersed Sites through our partnership with the largest global data center providers allowing you to be an active participant in determining where your data and processing occurs. You pick the locations that best suit your needs and comfort.

Long-Term Data Archiving without the operational and performance issues typically associated with multiple decade long-term archives delivered at a price point less than 1 cent per gigabyte per month.

No CAPEX Dollars required to get started. We are a true cloud-based model billing based on utilization commitments.

Getting started is not difficult – a set of capabilities to minimize cost and risks:

Data Migration we have a full-service capability to migrate your current data; but if you prefer, you may leave your data in its current location, including AMAZON’s S3, or in your own data stores.  We can then migrate it in a way that supports your business practices.

Full IP Packet Capture and dynamic monitoring is a requirement for securing a targeted enterprise and our award winning solution is a leader in this emerging market space.

Establishing Links to Providers through trusted network connections with advanced encryption for data in motion.

Login Assurance with multi-factor authentication integrated into your current enrollment process.

Extending the Cloud to the Desktop through advanced architectures and partnerships.  We understand that your data sometimes lives outside the cloud and you need the ability to manage this federated world with the same level of assurance as the data in a data center.  We are experts at this new requirement and have advanced, proven architectures solving these challenges.

Integrated Google Search available to let your customers search their files using the Google search engine.  They can even use voice-activated search if they desire.

One hundred percent USA coverage; and worldwide service limited only by in-country bandwidth or satellite availability.

Support by Dell Worldwide Services.

And best of all - Pricing

The best technology at prices so competitive they have been accepted by the US Federal Government on the GSA schedule for use across the federal government.

We cost less than the competition!!!


For a customer reference see the Dell website at:

Terms and Conditions Available Upon Request

Why waste time? 

Talk directly to the YottaCloud CTO team at 571-246-7628.