YottaStor, LLC

YottaStor addresses the need for purpose-built solutions necessitated by rapidly growing Big Data markets.  These solutions can handle Internet-scale storage deployed behind the customer’s firewall at public cloud pricing.  Our patented Service Offerings are built on a vendor-agnostic analytics platform – the YottaDrive – which stores object data in a global namespace for exploitation using client-selected tools, whether COTS, open source, or user built.  By commoditizing large object storage, these vast amounts of data – in the Petabyte and Exabyte ranges – can be kept for analysis.  Solutions can be deployed to the customer site or hosted at a YottaStor facility.

 Our solutions are built for the largest HyperScale markets, including:

  • Surveillance and Reconnaissance
  • Packet Capture
  • Medical Imaging
  • Oil and Gas
  • Research and Development
  • Video Libraries
  • Digital Archives
  • Corporate Backup

Our Service Offerings include:

  • YottaDrive Expeditionary
  • YottaDrive for ISR
  • YottaDrive Enterprise Archive
  • YottaDrive Deep Tape Archive
  • YottaDrive Deep Online Archive
  • YottaDrive On-Premise
  • YottaDrive Packet Capture
  • YottaFuse

Our Service Offerings have been built with our ISV industry partners, including:

  • Alliance Technology Group
  • DDN
  • Dell
  • Google
  • Next Computing
  • Oracle
  • Red Hat
  • Swoop Search
  • Ball Aerospace
  • ESCgov
  • Deloitte Consulting
  • CommVault