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          YottaDrive for Deep Online Archive

DESCRIPTION:  YottaDrive for Deep Online Archive.  Storage as a Service starting at 2 PB per month with ingest, search, & dissemination.

Combines the YottaDrive high speed disk solution with the leading CommValut archive software. The YottaDrive Deep Online Archive takes advantage of the speed of disk, but in a tiered approach resulting in reduced costs to the user.  Energy efficient, it still retains high speed search and quick delivery.  Costs are reduced by having disks offline until they are called by a user, creating a much more efficient system.  For those interested in both speed and energy savings, this could be the solution.  As a cloud service, the YottaCloud uses the customer’s guidelines for length and type of storage and applies them within the architecture.  Regular management reports allow customers to modify their guidelines to best fit their needs.

  • Works from a common Name Space technology
  • Based on CommVault’ s software
  • Uses DDN’s patented Disk solutions
  • Robust analytical platform included
  • Includes management and security packages
  • Includes ingest, search, and dissemination services
  • Seamless user interfaces
  • Robust communications and interface packages
  • Sold as a cloud service


CONTACT INFORMATION:  Call 443-561-0515