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YottaDrive Packet Capture

Cyber defense strategies require that network IP Packets be captured and stored for longer periods of time. This creates significant operational challenges that are addressed by YottaDrive for Packet Capture (available from ESCgov on GSA Schedule GS-35F-0363P)

YottaDrive Packet Capture

YottaDrive for Packet Capture:

  • Ingest IP Packets without packet loss for any size IP networks ranging from 1GbE/second to 100sGbE/second requirements
  • Provide in-line IP Packet indexing
  • Scale to trillions of IP Packets and exascale in capacity
  • Provide industry standard RestAPI access for PCAP access


YottaDrive for Packet Capture includes three global namespace services specifically optimized for the IP Packet capture requirement.

  • Ingest
  • Search
  • Dissemination

IP Packets are ingested into the global namespace, allowing analysts to search the IP Packets and to pull IP Packets from the global namespace for advanced exploitation and analysis.

The global namespace links all the IP Packet Ingest systems and the archive storage into a distributed federated global namespace storage environment. Data management is flexible, allowing customers to define the duration that IP Packets are to be stored before archival. Regardless of where the IP Packets are physically stored in the global namespace, all IP Packets are immediately searchable and accessible by the applications through the universal PCAP RestAPI service.

YottaDrive for Packet Capture is provided on a monthly cost per PB basis, and includes the IP Packet Ingest appliance(s) at the customer location and the 24x7x365 operations at the YottaStor facility for the global namespace capacity and management.


YottaDrive for Packet Capture:

  • Affordable - Years of IP Packet storage at savings of up to 90% over traditional approaches.
  • Real-time global namespace searching across the entire enterprise
  • Open interface to the global namespace
  • No packet loss for any size of network