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                                           YottaDrive On Premise

DESCRIPTION:  YottaDrive On Premise.  Large data object storage analytical and storage service, designed to reside at any location that the customer chooses including ‘on premises’.  Operated by the customer or under contract.


Scalable to the exabyte range, these systems can be acquired and installed in 4- petabyte increments. Each patented system contains the Yottastor Global Name Space, ingest and search packages, the analytical platform, worldwide service, security certifications, and communications packages.  They operate at effectively zero latency. Typically, we expect to add customer analytics into his system, and a menu of analytics is also available.



  • The internal system is air-cooled and can be installed in most office-like environments
  • Based on 3-6 Terabyte DataDirectNetworks disk
  • Over 1000 virtual compute nodes
  • Redhat Operating System
  • Dell Communications Package
  • Google Search engine and GUI
  • 10G Ingest rates per line
  • Meta-Tagging Engine


CONTACT INFORMATION:  Call 443-561-0515