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YottaExtreme Edge Specifications:

The following table lists an extensive range of features (specifications) for YottaExtreme Edge which utilizes YottaStor, LLC’s patented YottaDrive engine to provide large data object analytical and storage service at a customer chosen location.  It can be operated by the customer or under contract.

YottaExtreme Edge is scalable to exabyte levels but can be acquired and installed in terabyte or petabyte increments depending on customer requirements.  Each patented system contains YottaStor Global Name Space, ingest, search and dissemination capability, the analytical platform (we add customer analytics per customer needs from an available menu of analytics), worldwide support service, and appropriate security certifications and communications packages.  They operate at near-zero latency at the edge of the cloud, utilizes Google-like search engines and GUI, Dell Communications Packages, and can be installed/fully integrated into customer enterprise environments.







Primary Focus

Capture, Retention, Analysis at the Cloud EDGE where data are generated

Edge Storage Sizing

Variable - 100 Terabytes up to 10 petabytes per unit; based on 3-6 terabyte DataDirectNetworks disks; Connect automatically unlimited units

Supplemental Storage

172 TB of NFS and 192 TB of HDFS storage











Network & Design





















Network & Design


Internal network is a layer 2 fabric deployed as a spine and leaf architecture. The spine is an 80 GbE backbone with the leaf’s being dual 10 GbE connections to every component; fully redundant deploying vLAG switch configurations; Can be integrated into customer’s sign-on (SSO) solution, providing authentication and authorization services to the endpoints

Each rack is rated at 20kW and during normal operations

Runs off local power that is conditioned through the Power Module

There is an integrated ATS in the Power Module that will switch to generators if local power is disrupted

The Power Module is designed to provide 10 minutes of UPS to allow this transition to occur without impacting operations

Solution has received two (2) ATOs under the ICD-503 RMF to operate at the Secret enclave level connect to two (2) classified networks: SIPRNet and NGA SECNet

Can be integrated into customer’s single-sign on process for authentication and authorization to access exposed end-points fully leveraging PKI

Uses the standard YottaDrive security architecture including separate mission and management networks to further protect against unauthorized access to mission assets by field service representatives engaged in normal technology break/fix and field upgrade activities

Designed to migrate applications into the cloud environment without requiring any application refactoring that is required to leverage traditional IaaS commercial cloud environments

Delivers a hybrid cloud environment powered by Platform9 which allows future applications developed in the commercial cloud environment to be immediately migrated and operate in the YottaDrive

Designed to be deployed behind the enterprise firewall and fully integrates into the operational security model. The YottaDrive is deployed as a private network enclave integrating security operation solutions

All software upgrades and system maintenance are performed remotely over the network using the YottaDrive Privilege User Access Service

Supports the various analytical engines, supporting multiple analytic environments simultaneously

YottaStor’s high-performance global namespace is used isolate the data from the analytic processing allowing different algorithms to access the same geospatial objects without requiring the object to be replicated and stored separately

NVIDIA/Pure Storage AIRITM and IBM’s PowerAI are available

Communications Speed:  Multiple 10 GigE

Ability to ingest data:  Multiple 10 GigE Channels

Federated Units

Unlimited Units Federated regardless of location

View data from Anywhere


Built-in Search

Yes (Multiple Engines); Selectable

Analytical Power

Up to 2000 virtual cores per unit Redhat RHEL; HPC capable

Edge Analytics

Analytic Platform with unlimited choice of analytics

Physical Size

From one rack up to 20' container

Link to AWS Home

Yes (Primary)

Link to Azure Home


HashiCorp Nomad Connector to All Clouds


Interunit Linkage


Accommodates IBM Watson Analytics


NameSpace Technology



Yes; Flexible consistent with Data type

Object Storage


WAMI Capable


FMV Capable


ISR Capable


Fielding Expertise


Auto Clustering


Backup up data unit to unit


Existing Accreditation


Security Framework

Full Framework, including user adoption – complete security/managed packages

User Interfaces

x86 apps

Installation Ease


DOD Accreditation

Yes (Compartmented)

Remote SW Upgrades


Region Availability


All geographic locations

Smaller units highly mobile; large units require support equipment


Common Power or Generator Power



Foreign Support

Yes, via Dell Worldwide Services


Yes (Multiple Patents

Graceful Data Protection


Operating System

RedHat Secure