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Eighty percent of new data are being generated by sensors, ranging from applications in the ISR, energy, medical and research sectors. The YottaFuse is designed to be a portal sensor interface capability so that it can capture, process, analyze, and transfer data back to the cloud infrastructure.  It is especially geared to supporting the AWS cloud infrastructure. As the sensor capture rates increase, the amount of data that must be stored and processed onboard the platform has grown dramatically.   The next family of sensors deployed will exceed the GigaPixal threshold and operate at multi-GHz rates.  This results in the data capture rate on the platform exceeding the capacity of the networks to support.  This requires that high-speed, massive storage become part of the platform to ingest and store data within a very constrained space, weight and power (SWaP) budget. 

YottaFuse has been specifically designed for to meet these new processing and storage challenge.  The first generation of YottaFuse was developed in late 2011 and delivered in early 2012.  It leverages commercial off-the-shelf components. 

YottaFuse has been specifically designed for the technology and operational challenges of the evolving sensors.  We have designed a system that provides an end-to-end solution from the initial capture to the time sensitive transfer.

The core storage technology - Fusion-io - is breakthrough, state-of-the-art technology that is operational in marketing leading companies like FaceBook and HPC environments like Lawrence Livermore Labs.  This technology provides more density, better performance and is more reliable than other off-the-shelf solid-state storage drives.  One of the key advantages of the Fusion-io technology is the massive IO throughput that it supports.

YottaFuse was specifically developed to support the high-performance computing requirements of the next generation.  This new requirement presents challenges that can only be met by exploiting the most leading-edge computing technologies.  Simply put, the future of sensor computing solution requires HPC capabilities, i.e. supercomputer-like IO and big data storage capacity in a small, light-weight, low-power package that can operate in an austere computing environment where the tradeoffs between SWaP must be optimized to deliver the required computing capacity. 

YottaFuse has been designed to meet this challenge and delivers:

• The industry’s fastest IO speeds required to support the multi-sensor environments leveraging the breakthrough Fusion-io Octal technology.
• The latest Intel® chip architectures providing a massively dense computing environment.
• A 100% solid state solution minimizing altitude, power and cooling concerns.
• A quick release removable data sleeves solution that allows the rapid removal.
• A product roadmap that aligns with and leverages the industry leaders – Intel, Samsung, Micron and Fusion-io R&D investments.
• The common architecture from the smallest to the largest sensors allowing algorithms to easily migrate from program to program.
• A private cloud-processing environment, based on Red Hat RHEL 5.5 or RHEL 6.0, that provides dynamic resource allocation to better meet the real-  time information needs of the warfighter.

The YottaFuse solution uses 100% proven technologies.  The critical technology partners are comprised of 100% American owned companies and all key support personnel are US citizens with active TS/SCI clearances.